Studio One Eleven uses specialized waxes based on your skin type and sensitivity. A great way to soften hair and retard hair growth. We do a wide variety of body waxing, such as facial, upper torso, front and back, legs, bikini and brazailian waxing available.


Ears $15-$18
Nose $8
Brows $13
Lip $8
Chin $13
Back (based on density) $70 and up
Chest $70 and up
Legs 1/2 $50 and up
Legs full $90 and up
Bikini $50
Brazilian $105
Shoulders $20
Upper Arms (Above Elbow) $35+ (Density Based)
Lower arms (Below Elbow) $35+ (Density Based)
Buttocks $50
Both Hands $25
Both Feet $25
UnderArms $25