Scalp Treatment/Massage

One of the great services Studio One Eleven provides.

Certain times of the year, scalps tend to become dry due to lack of stimulation, change of season or improper care, which can be embarrassing.

Our scalp massage is an excellent treatment for dryness or flaking. Mistakenly taken for dandruff, people tend to treat with a strong shampoo which further encourages dryness.

Our scalp treatments take about a ½ hour and include rotary brushing of the scalp to loosen dry skin. Scaling of the scalp with a comb is next to circulate natural oils. Hair is then washed with a ph balanced shampoo. Customer is brought back to the station for a special application of cholesterol, which is massaged into the scalp for 12 minutes. Client is then placed with a cap for 7 minutes. Hair is then rinsed well and ready for styling, feeling tingly and refreshed. Scalp treatments are one of the best kept secrets for hair growth.