Skin Care/Facials

Studio One Eleven | Skin Care and FacialsProfessional skin care treatments play an essential role in your skin's health and vitality. Skin care products purchased from professional spas or salons offer several advantages: the highest possible concentration of active ingredients for maximum results and formulas designed with your skin type in mind. Each treatment begins with a personal consultation and thorough skin analysis to ensure maximum results. Our most popular facials include cleansing, toning exfoliation, signature massage and a treatment mask to balance and soothe the skin, and to improve skin tone and texture. But, if you are looking for results to reduce fine lines, improve scarring and sun-induced photo damage, diminish hyper-pigmentation and smooth rough skin, we offer an array of treatments to give you the results you so desire. Your unique experience concludes with a problem solving prescirption and home care advice. Our facial treatments begin your journey to healthier, rejuvenated, radiant skin. Our specialists will have you experience the type of facial that's right for you. Our state of the art equipment is designed to take care of your skin care needs. Free skin consultation and evaluation available.

  • 30-minute facial - for the man on the run $50
  • European facial - usually done for the first facial $80
  • Pumpkin facial $85
  • Deep pore facial $90
  • Four layer facial - good for all skin types, deep cleaning, exfoliation analysis, extraction if necessary/customized masks $115
  • VC5 facial - one of the best rejuvenating and wrinkle reducing facials on the market $135
  • Bacial- Skin treatment formulated to eliviate clogged pores specifically for the back which consists of deep steaming, exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing $80: Basic No Extraction. Price Varies with Extraction
  • Marine Bacial / Upgrade: This bacial includes a marine mask (seaweed based) under steam to help remove impurities and re-mineralize the skin, and ends with a marine Repachage Products: based moisturizer to rebalance the skin and restore proper pH. $100
  • Body Treatment: 1/2hr Body Treatment $99.00 or Full Body Treatment $150

Other types of facials are available, such as cranberry, mango, sensitive skin, facials for acnetic skin and customized facials. We use Dermalogica, Natural Difference and Repechage products. All facials are between 55 and 75 minutes.


If you need faster results, then layering treatments may be exactly what you need. Layering is simply the combination of services at the same time to provide results in the shortest amount of time. This strategic method utilizes the attributes of each method and maximizes the strengths to dramatically increase your results and appearance.